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Customized functional test solutions with premier quality, delivered faster than ever.

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Custom RFIUs in as little as 4 weeks, a 10x improvement on traditional lead times. 

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Typically, the cost of quality is time -- 
we've changed that with Flow Control.

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Simplify supercapacitor QA testing with new, standardized benchtop test instruments.

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Here, you'll experience an unprecedented combination of quality and speed.


Join us as we redefine expectations about test with bespoke solutions. 

Jeff Olsen, President 

Since 2010, Hiller has grown from a handful of talented engineers in a glorified garage (literally), to nearly two hundred at sites all across the US. We're humbled by the trust our customers have given us, and the growth that comes with it. Now, as we embark on our second decade, we've honed our vision and mission for the next five years: to transform our entire customer experience in a profound and disruptive manner. We're intent on turning months of historic schedule into days. We're organizing to mitigate program risk while also offering rich palettes from which to design. And, we're bringing the latest in methods and practice to our manufacturing floors to accommodate builds of a single test system...or hundreds.

Beyond System Integration

Quality at speed in ATE design and delivery.


With Hiller Measurements, you'll leverage the quality of a Tier 1 technology integrator with the nimble flexibility and speed of a small design engineering firm. We take a straightforward agile approach, providing trusted design choices for quality final solutions.

We deliver systems in months rather than years and equip your teams with all the documentation you need to have us, your own team, or another integrator fully sustain and support your system for life.


What We Do

Hiller Measurements designs, manufactures, and supports the development of mission-critical test systems, assemblies, and instrumentation.
test system design

Bespoke Test System Design

Our test systems are customized to your specific goals, rather than a particular instrumentation company. And, we offer the most complete, transparent documentation available in the industry along with the manufacturing scale to accommodate the largest requirements. 


build to print

Build-to-Print Manufacturing

Let's face it, there's no such thing as true "Build-to-Print." Obsolescence, missing documentation, and tribal knowledge all make for a unique task in building copies of older systems. We're fantastic at doing the detective work necessary to take customer-supplied, dated, design packages and building relevant, present-day systems. 



Test Instrumentation Design

When the exact instrument you need doesn't exist, there's Hiller Measurements. Premier instrument design to support larger-scale adoption of your key COTS platforms. Some of the largest T&M companies in the world rely on Hiller to design instruments for their use and sale. Why don't you?



Custom RF Assemblies

Sometimes you need more than test. RF and Microwave design has always been a calling card of ours. Given that, we're just as comfortable designing nuanced assemblies that are part of radars, avionics, or channel sounders as we are test systems. Have an obsolete RF assembly and need a bunch more? Give us a call.


Behind the Brand

With Hiller Measurements, clients leverage the quality and stability of a Tier 1 technology integrator with the nimble flexibility and speed of a small design engineering firm.


The team you'll actually enjoy working with.


Quick prototyping and early risk mitigation. 


Design and build capabilities across industries. 

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