Why Hiller Measurements?

Achieve quality at speed with Hiller Measurements Flow Control: A risk-focused approach to excellence.

Hiller Measurements Flow Control

You've Heard it All...



"You can hand everything about your test needs over to us and forget about it."

Turns out you can't. Many test partners will back out if your TRD isn't complete. Even if they entertain your project, your need is evolving alongside product development and not completely determinable on day one. Actually, you do need to be involved but it's unclear how much, or when. 


"A great test system must be 100% customizable to meet your needs."

So, you get a universal test system. It's great on paper, with everything you could ever need. But actually, you won't need half of the features that cost more than you'd like to admit. And it needs custom work for the niche functionality that sets your product apart.


"Outsourcing will help you get a cost-effective test solution quickly."

This one is true, in the short term. But without a partner helping you at the enterprise level, disparate test solutions developed by various partners lack standardization and documentation. You'll likely spend more supporting these systems than you paid for them. 


We're not here to make you an empty promise.

We've implemented Hiller Measurements Flow Control, a proven process that moves from static cell to moving manufacturing line to standardize processes and lean out production. 

We've found that by making significant changes in the engineering design process and offering fewer but better value-added options, we can deliver custom solutions without the burden of starting every design from scratch. Ultimately, we deliver a better cost experience and risk-mitigated options.

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Quality at Speed



Quality in talent, design, documentation, and execution.



Speed in agile design and lean manufacturing.


Hiller Measurements Preferred Instruments

Hiller Measurements Flow Control design and manufacturing process hinges on offering you premium, risk-mitigated instruments. These proven instruments are carefully selected to offer you reliable performance and cost-effective value. Hiller Measurements Flow Control Preferred Instruments must: 

Have proven quality through three prior Hiller Measurements applications
Offer a minimum of three years of selling and support by the instrument provider
Have guaranteed delivery to Hiller Measurements by the instrument provider
Be supported by a Hiller Measurements developed driver
Be supported by a Hiller Measurements cable design and rackmount kit
Be supported by a Hiller Measurements self test

Why We're Making a Paradigm Shift

Shifting to an agile software development approach and lean manufacturing allows us to save time, budget, and risk for our customers. We ultimately deliver higher quality products, at a lower cost, on deterministic schedules.


President, Hiller Measurements

This approach allows us to offer the instruments that have proven themselves as the best options, and use processes that keep systems moving through production rather than adding risk and variables to each project.


VP Sales, Hiller Measurements

Mitigating Risks with Quality at Speed

Addressing Measurement Science Risks

Addressing Schedule Risks

Addressing System Design Risks

Addressing Supply Chain Risks

Addressing Communication Risks

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Hiller Measurements Flow Control Benefits



Agile Design

lean manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing


On-Budget Development 

on-time shipment

On-Time Shipment

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