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Simulate Real-World RFIU Performance During System Design


ProteusRF Sim combines an intuitive user interface for developing complex, functional RF block diagrams with a comprehensive library of actual component performance.

Clients can design an RFIU and see its real-world performance in minutes, collaborate with Hiller Measurements engineers in hours, and receive a complete, custom RFIU within weeks.

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Create digital twins of complex RF assemblies in minutes and bring unprecedented certainty to final designs.

The model-based design environment of ProteusRF Sim brings:

Quick Collaboration

Use an intuitive user interface and share designs with Hiller Measurements in a single digital environment.


Model-Based Design

ProteusRF Sim allows users to select actual intended components while building a block diagram, creating a true digital twin of a final RFIU.


True Real-World Performance

Model assembly-level performance in seconds with all necessary path-level calculations.


Seamless Transition to Manufacturing

Move from modeling straight to manufacturing, eliminating the need for additional, non-recurring engineering effort.

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The Beta release of ProteusRF Sim is free for a limited time. Build a design and create an account to save it for reference later.

More questions? Contact us or schedule a meeting with one of our engineers using the link at the bottom of this page.

*Proteus RFSim is not yet optimized for mobile use

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From Initial Concept to Final Design



We maintain the same high-quality and repeatability standards as the largest technology providers, but with a more nimble and agile approach.


lean manufacturing

Hiller Measurements provides a structured manufacturing model that is flexible, transparent, and designed to provide determinism around schedule and technical risk. 

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