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With Hiller Measurements Flow Control, we design an RFIU in hours and complete, test, and ship the final product in as little as four weeks.

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Reduce risk, speed production, and increase design information fidelity.

The ProteusRF platform delivers custom RFIUs with:

Accelerated Speed

By streamlining the design process, we deliver custom RFIUs in as little as 4 weeks, rather than the traditional 6+ months.


Curated Components

A growing catalog of readily available, vetted components and associated design elements that enable a reliable, customer-specific design.


Single Source of Truth

A cyber secure portal where Hiller Measurements, customers, and vendors can connect and collaborate, and digital tools threaded across the development lifecycle.


Design for Manufacturing

The ability to flow directly from design to manufacturing with our 41,000 sq. ft of design and manufacturing innovation space in Austin, Texas.

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Setup a 15-minute walkthrough of the ProteusATE Design Center, where Hiller engineers and clientele connect in seconds to collaborate.

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The RFIU is a critical component of the overall test system and often takes the longest time to longer.

Design choices, integration capabilities, and turnaround time of a test system’s RFIU all affect the final product – from how easily it can be supported, to how well It connects to the test system and larger operation, to how quickly it can be tested.

With the ProteusATE Design Center, a collaborative design portal, Hiller Measurements engineers and clientele take a digitally threaded, model-based design approach to RFIU design and development.

Proteus RFSim

Simulate Real-World RFIU Performance

ProteusRF Sim is a model-based design environment to simulate real-world RFIU performance during system design. 

With an intuitive user interface for developing complex, functional RF block diagrams and an extensive library of actual component performance data, Proteus RFSim can model assembly-level performance in seconds. This development brings unprecedented certainty to RFIU performance.

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Industry-Leading Technology from Premium Suppliers

Hiller Measurements Flow Control products like ProteusRF rely on a selection of vetted, premium instrumentation developers

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From Initial Concept to Final Design



We maintain the same high-quality and repeatability standards as the largest technology providers, but with a more nimble and agile approach.


lean manufacturing

Hiller Measurements provides a structured manufacturing model that is flexible, transparent, and designed to provide determinism around schedule and technical risk. 


Quality RF Specifications Delivered at Speed


Mechanical RF relays to 40 GHz


2 to 10U, 18” or 28” deep, 4-color front-panel customization


Ethernet control, SCPI, IVI-C, IVI-COM, path-level programming, and readback monitoring


LED customization

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