Our Expertise

High-quality test solutions for high-stakes applications.

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We Exist to Turn Test Design, Obsolescence, and Schedule Risk into Client-Defined, Delivered Value.

We're constantly working on test systems for products where reliability can make or break a life, a profit margin, or a brand reputation.

Test Systems When Quality is Counted in Lives

Whether aerospace test, critical electronic warfare applications, or medical devices, our customers find that they can commit to quality test and get to market quickly with reliable products using HMFC design standards and expertise.

Test Systems that Protect Client Profitability

Hiller Measurements has the tools and talent to create novel obsolescence mitigation strategies that preserve your decades of historic investment. We delivering complete and transparent documentation that empowers clients to support and adapt systems over time.

Test Systems that Guard Critical Brand Value

Hiller Measurements clients are all known for the extraordinary and reliable product quality. By testing accurately and to your exact specifications, our test and measurement tools ensure your brand value is preserved.

Test and Measurement Solutions

"Failure is not an option" sounds great. It's also wrong. Failure is always an option, so we develop benchtop or rackmount test instruments and OEM instruments or test systems that help you move forward quickly with reliably tested products. Here's some other ways we ensure failure is avoided:
Provide industry tested, risk-mitigated design strategies for enterprise level engagements
Provide design resources when clients are short handed
Design the right instrument, when the right instrument doesn't already exist
Reverse-engineer legacy, obsolete test equipment


Industries We Serve

Our solutions support some of the most innovative and critical applications around the world in defense, medicine, consumer devices, and communications.