5G & Beyond

Never has delivering Quality at Speed in test been more valuable.




With Decades of Experience in Communications Test, Hiller Measurements Designs, Manufactures, and Supports a Variety of Niche 5G Applications.

5G Test Solutions Powered by Hiller Measurements. 

Production Base Station Cable PIM Testing

Hiller Measurements creates solutions for production base station cable PIM testing.

base station

Solid State Switching for Base Station Characterization

We design solid state switching solutions for base station characterization.

solid state switching

Solder Joint Characterization of DSP Chips

We create specialized solutions for solder joint characterization of DSP chips.


Production Test of Communications ICs for 5G Applications

Hiller Measurements creates systems for production test of communications ICs for 5G applications.


High-Quality Test Instrumentation 


Experience with 76 GHz

We've already designed frequency converters to 76 GHz, switching systems for base station applications, and high throughput production test systems for RF components to 50 GHz. These test engagements were for some of the world's largest communication and defense companies. What can Hiller design for your application?

Custom Solutions for Niche (and Make-or-Break) Specs

Aerospace and Defense

Test System Design and Manufacturing

Access to the world's largest instrumentation companies and adaptive platforms to expand on proven PXI technology. 

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Instrumentation Companies

Instrumentation Design

Hiller Measurements designs OEM test instruments that help you meet customer specifications.

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Case Study

A Superior Approach to Traditional Scanning DMM or Comparator-Box Design. 

The Surveyor -- ESS is a resistance-monitoring, event-detection suite of tools specifically designed for standards-based design verification test applications, including:

  • Solder joint reliability test of semiconductors according to IPC-9701
  • Cable assembly design verification testing to ANSI/AAMI EC53 and IEC 60601-2-4

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Benefits of Hiller Measurements 5G Test Solutions

quality at speed

Quality at Speed

Leverage our proven flow control process with clear checkpoints and timelines.


Agile, Nimble Teams

We're able to ramp up quickly, work efficiently, and pivot when necessary.

risk management

Risk Management

Identify and mitigate risk early through designs and prototyping. Once designed, scale quickly.

aerospace industry expertise


Deep experience in aerospace and defense, with a focus on mission-critical applications.

More About OEM Product Design

Learn more about our work in Aerospace/Defense. 

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