Aerospace & Defense

At Hiller Measurements, we understand the rigor and requirements aerospace and defense companies face.


Functional Test is Imperative for Mission-Critical Applications.

Aerospace and Defense Solutions, Powered by Hiller Measurements.


Hiller Measurements creates transmit/receive modules, ranging solutions, and antenna solutions.



We work with payload test, bus test, and power test applications.


Electronic Warfare

We work with top defense contractors to create mission-critical electronic attack (EA) and electronic protection (EP) simulations.

Electronic Warfare


Hiller Measurements designs essential LRUs, RF cabling, and flight readiness equipment.

electronic warfare

Electronic Warfare Simulation and Measurement

Electronic warfare (EW) systems require advanced high-fidelity threat simulators to prepare for combat with potential adversaries. Hiller Measurements’ depth of knowledge in RF source and measurement technologies enables us to help our clients develop the best EW simulation systems that will meet the everchanging landscape of EW threat simulation.

A Proven Partner for High-Stakes Aerospace and Defense Applications


mission critical challenges

Each component of a mission-critical application presents unique challenges that require discipline and experience unlike any other industry.



Hiller Measurements employs rigorous standards and policies that mirror those of the largest aerospace and defense contractors within the context of an agile and easy-to-engage company.

Precision at Speed

Hiller Measurements’ flow control manufacturing process allows us to develop highly complex designs for the aerospace and defense market. Using our iterative design process, we can deliver custom designs with deterministic schedules.


Why Hiller

Benefits of Hiller Measurements Aerospace and Defense Solutions


Get to Market Faster

We offer test strategy development in weeks rather than months or years like many Tier 1 integrators.
risk focused

Risk-Focused Approach to Design

We manage our program and operations execution using our proven flow control method.


Critical Compliance

We meet all the necessary certifications and requirements to properly serve the aerospace and defense industry.

Setting You Up for Success

Upon completion of any system, we provide thorough, transparent documentation to put you in control of the design.

Design Your Test System Sooner

With our proven design and manufacturing process, we can deliver even the most complex test systems on-time, helping our clients achieve their goals and get to market fast.

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